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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Reducing telecom costs requires vast resources and dedication to effectively monitor telecom usage across the organization. In fact, organizations can realize a 15% to 35% communications expense reduction after our involvement. Most organizations lack the necessary resources and time, thereby struggle to gain a clear insight and solid understanding of what communications transactions are being made by the organization and at what price. Often, organizations find it difficult to answer the following questions:

  • Does the communication expenditure justify the service
  • is the organization accounting for all the services paid for? 
  • Where is the organization spending most on communications?
  • Which departments incur the most cost?
  • Are there any errors in communications invoicing?
  • What is the total communications cost for the organization?
  • How is the cost breakdown of communications? (For example, wireless, data, calling card, local voice, long distance?)

We leverage the results of our telecom audit to provide you with comprehensive telecom expense management that helps you stay in control as your business expands. We do not only guide the organization on their communications needs. After the organization has undergone an audit and/or seen a project or change come to fruition; it does not mean they no longer need the consultancy. Contract management is still necessary, even through calmer waters.

Expense management is an ongoing process because service providers offer promotional pricing, new services and new technologies on an ongoing basis. Our team is committed to helping our customers understand telecom services and how they affect a business’s bottom line. We can clean up any billing errors on your behalf and introduce you to alternative solutions that might better suit your unique needs. Utilising our expertise to manage the ongoing communications expenses will ensure that the organization continues to get the best pricing through the industries changing rules, services and prices. 

Our services save organizations time, money, confusion and aggravation in collecting and analyzing information, optimizing systems, evaluating alternatives, implementing changes and working with service providers. 

As a by-product of the consultancy, we would be able to source supply and maintain related Value Added Services (VAS) and products.