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Telecom Consulting Services

Today, the term “telephony” may be dying a slow death. We’re primarily talking about “communications”. The convergence of IT and telecom has changed the landscape of telecommunications. This network convergence — voice and data — has opened a whole set of services and solutions that enhance workforce collaboration and productivity and, consequently, increased demand for telecom consulting services. With more choices, a more complex environment and more providers, choosing the right telecom services, matching the right solution, provider, and price all at once has become even more difficult than ever before.

We present you with an opportunity of lowering your telecom bills, while enhancing your network, as well as provide dedicated customer care. We negotiate better terms for our clients. We navigate the telecom contracts which are notorious for complicated verbiage, fine print and non-sensical jargon. We look out for contractual limitations and restrictions, while making sure our client interests are fully protected.

wAs consultants, we are vendor neutral. We can source from different vendors and negotiate on your behalf to get the best price. In today’s complex environment with multiple areas of telecom — from mobility to voice and data services – typically one carrier cannot provide all the needed services (as previously noted). And, even if they do, sometimes “bundles” aren’t the best solution at the best price. Only a telecom consultant can mix and match solution sets with your best interest in mind.

These include:

Telecom Expense Management

We provide solutions helps organizations manage fixed-line voice, data and wireless expenses. This allows you to holistically simplify the management of your communication services with a focus on optimizing your service costs.

Telecom Services Audits

If cost savings are the main driver, we can save our clients on average between 20-40% off their bills. We analyse phone bills across all of your carriers, understand when your services are coming off contract and if you are looking at breaking your contract to help you determine what the costs are, and if there are any benefits of early termination. We offer detailed audits and value-add approaches to business communications. We accomplish this by gaining a thorough understanding of the current state of your existing communications to serve as an in-depth study to help evaluate near-term and future telecom decisions.

Request For Proposal (RFP)

We put you in a position where you are not subjected to high pressure sales tactics, where a sales rep is forcing you to sign a new contract or to renew your existing one, but provide you access to a subject matter expert, that is vendor agnostic and is working in your best interests. We research agreements with a number of suppliers to be able to put a number of different proposals on the table, allowing you to make the final decision after being presented with the options. We operate as an extension of your business freeing your IT resources to concentrate on relevant day to day duties.

Telecom Contract Negotiation

If the service provider is on top of their game, some months before a contract ends, they will reach out with a renewal offer. The customer jumps at the renewal, which on the surface appears attractive. Instead of evaluating options to maintain the status quo and continues month to month.

Telecom Project Management

We have deep, broad-based industry experience and, as an extension of your team, we can design and construct an efficient communications infrastructure built to your needs. We take this knowledge and project manage implementations to ensure smooth deployments. We work with these solutions every day and maintain a better understanding of the migration path.

Telecom Technology Review

Let Simplatec have a look at your current solution and provider services. Sometimes alternative solutions, such as SIP for POTS or MPLS for VPN, provide greater quality and can still be cost effective. Often, Simplatec can leverage it’s vast knowledge to uncover better pricing from alternative providers and also ensure the highest available service levels.