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Telecom Project Management

If you’re searching for a telecom project manager that saves you time and money, look no further than SIMPLATES. We have the knowledge and experience to manage your telecom projects the right way, so they never stall and always move in the right direction. Contact us for a free assessment.

Whether you’re switching vendors, migrating to the cloud, adding a new division, merging with another, moving into a new building or developing a system to track your wireless devices, our telecom project managers offer the expertise you seek. With great care and diligence, we manage projects of all sizes and stages. From pre-acquisition to post-merger and everywhere in between, businesses can count on us to ensure their telecom projects go smoothly and as planned. We even work with private equity firms to maximize the spend across their portfolio. It takes a certain set of skills to be a successful project manager, especially when it comes to telecom. However, many organizations insist on managing all of their projects in-house, even if it means tasking an unqualified employee with overhauling an entire system. The wiser enterprises realize it’s best to trust professionals when it comes to tackling telecom projects.

Occasionally, it’s not uncommon for organizations to experience project failure. The likelihood of completing a successful telecom migration shrinks drastically for enterprises that attempt to do everything on their own. If your staff doesn’t have the time or technical expertise to take on an involved telecom project, you can count on us to provide comprehensive project management. Is your organization growing to or restructuring your services? We believe that in order to thoroughly understand the services, the providers and the pricing, you have to be doing it day in and day out.

Most IT departments don’t have the resources to dedicate personnel solely to telecom. We have deep, broad-based industry experience and, as an extension of your team, we design and construct an efficient communications infrastructure built to your needs. We take this knowledge and project manage implementations to ensure smooth deployments and work with these solutions every day and maintain a better understanding of the migration path. Free your talented IT staff to concentrate on running your systems. We can manage the communication side of your project. This will help avoid confusion regarding communications services. When big changes like these are made, you will likely need a communications consultant to manage the communications needs of the company.

We can also offer project management when you are building an inventory of circuits and lines, considering a new vendor, developing a system to track the communication devices of the company, or considering migrating part of your technology services. As communications consultants, we will help guide you through the decision making process during projects and changing times so that the company’ communication needs do not get lost in the process.