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Telecom Billing Audits

Why Perform a Telecom Audit?

The modern enterprise uses multiple technologies from different vendors. However, keeping track of all those bills can be time-consuming and frustrating. If you can’t keep up with your telecom costs, aren’t sure if your bills contain errors or duplicate charges, and are under budgetary constraints, Simplatec can help identify where you are overspending so you can regain control of your enterprise.

  • 80% of bills contain errors
  • If we don’t save you money, there is no charge
  • We’re vendor-neutral, so you stay with your carrier while you save
  • Our off-site analysts never interfere with your team
  • We’ve saved businesses over $500 million with our expertise.

We perform an analysis of billing invoices, to help the customer gain an understanding of their existing technology contracts, and guide them through a contract strategy moving forward. The analysis is a fact-finding mission, and with knowledge of the facts, you will be able to make the best technology decisions regarding your technology services.

There could be services out there that would benefit the organization that your service provider may not currently provide. Or a service within the contract that the service provider has not activated, but help the business, that may be uncovered during the analysis. The results of the audit allows the organization to know how they are spending on their technology.

However, unlike a medical checkup, where the clients go to the doctor’s office, wait in the waiting room, and have the client’s daily schedule disrupted. We come to collect information in your office, the analysis is less intrusive and less disruptive. The majority of the work can be performed offsite. And our approach is completely performance-based and contingent on the telecom audit results. Therefore, our compensation is calculated on shares from over-payments recovered for you, and we’ll never charge for our services until you see your telecom audit results and savings.

After a comprehensive review of each line item in the invoices, the organization will receive a report on:

  • The number of Inventory lines and circuits to identify unused circuit to cancel or re-activate
  • Companywide features – to make sure they match what you are paying for
  • The status of billing invoices – to uncover any billing errors
  • Usage – to be able to identify any under-used services, or services for which you are overpaying for
  • Monthly invoice accounts to be able  to address any credits or refunds due to you from the provider

We are then able to help you recover any money from the service provider for errors resulting from discontinued services that you have been paying for.

We will also be in a position to request your service provider to activate non-activated features on your system that may be relevant to your operations. Or do it ourselves. If from the audit we realize that your operations need features and services that are not readily available, we can help you source equipment or software to avail the features and services.