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Facts, Myth Busters and the Cloud – Telecom Consulting Services

By Darren DeMartino as published in Consulting Magazine.

The convergence of IT and telecom has changed the landscape of telecommunications. In fact, the term “telephony” may be dying a slow death. Today, we’re primarily talking about “communications”… “IP communications.” Taken further, in the current environment, voice is just another application running on your network. This network convergence—voice and data—has opened a whole Pandora’s Box of services and solutions that enhance workforce collaboration and productivity… and, consequently, increased demand for telecom consulting services.

More, More, More

With more choices, a more complex environment and more providers, choosing the right telecom services has become even more difficult than ever before. Matching the right solution, provider, and price all at once can be a moving target month-to-month, quarter-to-quarter. Fortunately, there are consulting firms that solely focus on telecom, doing great work on behalf of clients’ day in and day out. These boutique consulting firms, sometimes referred to as “agents,” are an inch-wide-and-a-mile-deep in telecom specifically. They understand the players and their offerings, and can accurately align a solution set for you.

Got Your Back

As opposed to direct sales representatives, telecom consultants work for you. They are solution-agnostic. Their primary concern is the long-term relationship with you. This is how they get paid. Thus, they match the right solution at the right price for your current and future operating state. They offer unbiased insight and another layer of service and support post-implementation. In an industry notorious for low satisfaction ratings, another layer of service and support is a very valuable component to the consultant relationship.

Not All Carriers Are Created Equal

Often telecom carriers have core competencies. There are services they offer, and there are services they offer and do well. Good consultants know exactly what each carrier does best. Furthermore, is it not unusual that a single carrier cannot provide all the best services needed in today’s complex environment. Consultants typically work from a large portfolio of solution providers, recommending and specifying what each does best. Consultants also have ongoing, established relationships that can be leveraged within the industry. For instance, most agents have multiple clients with each provider. These “portfolios” create client-advantageous situations and the fundamental premise of “economies of scale,” which leads to our primary myth buster.

Myth Buster – Buying Direct Will Get Me a Better Deal

We’ve all done it, either as a consumer or in business. The default premise is buying direct will get me a better deal. After all, why pay the middleman? (Sure go ahead and defend yourself in a court of law, see how that works too.) The truth is you’re going to waste a lot of time shopping around and you will likely spend more. How often do you negotiate a telecom deal? Agents do it every day and they work with the same finance departments as a direct sales rep. They also have an acute understanding of the going rate and what the marketplace will bear. Moreover, they have “portfolios” not a single account.

Consultants regularly negotiate better terms for their clients. Telecom contracts are notorious for complicated verbiage, fine print and non-sensical jargon. Consultant’s look out for contractual limitations and restrictions, while making sure client interests are fully protected.

Shop Around

A consultant is also free to shop around. They can source from different vendors and negotiate on your behalf to get the best price. In today’s complex environment with multiple areas of telecom—from mobility to voice and data services—typically one carrier cannot provide all the needed services (as previously noted). And, even if they do, sometimes “bundles” aren’t the best solution at the best price. Only a telecom consultant can mix and match solution sets with your best interest in mind.

Value Add

View “telecom consulting services” as a value add, another technical resource. It’s not that telecom is IT rocket science. It’s that in order to thoroughly understand the services, the providers and the pricing, you have to be doing it day in and day out. Most IT departments don’t have the resources to dedicate personnel solely to telecom. A telecom consultant has deep, broad-based industry experience and, as an extension of your team, can design and construct an efficient communications infrastructure built to you needs. Consultants take this knowledge and project manage implementations to ensure smooth deployments. Consultants work with these solutions every day and maintain a better understanding of the migration path.

Turf Wars

We’re all guilty here, too. Have you ever heard someone say they are NOT busy? Everybody’s soooo busy! Yet, there are things that we just don’t like anybody to touch. We inherently put our elbows up and claim, “That’s my job.” A consultant’s best friend is the CFO. Often, IT is not so welcoming. And, understandably so. It’s innate for an IT expert to want to go it alone. C- and director-level IT personnel certainly have the technical aptitude to do telecom. But, even the most experienced and seasoned IT expert doesn’t do telecom every day.

Why would a high-level IT expert want to spend time taking a deep dive in this area when they could be focused on the customer experience and other mission critical tasks? At little to no cost, a telecom consultant offers dedicated expertise, marketplace data, and industry-specific technical capacity. When the turf war chasm is eclipsed, the telecom consultant becomes an invaluable resource to IT, in addition to being the CFO’s best friend.

UCaaS and the Cloud

 Cloud technologies are changing the way organizations consume telecom services. Your communications infrastructure is more important than ever before. A carefully architected network which includes disaster recovery and business continuity is paramount. Telecom consultants help organizations migrate to the cloud model by taking full advantage of the cloud and network solutions offered by vendors. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is essentially a delivery model for Unified Communications (UC). Innovators are adopting UCaaS and it has quickly become the fastest growing segment in the increasingly expanding UC market. The major factors driving UCaaS growth is its demand and adoption in the mid-market. The “as-a-Service” model, ongoing support, and powerful collaboration tools make UC desirable and obtainable for a wider range of organizations. Consultants are addressing this demand by assisting with the seamless shift from on-premise technologies to the cloud-UC model.

VoIP and Computers – Fascinating Facts


Businesses can use the less-expensive voice over IP, or VoIP, rather than a conventional landline. The standard small business telecom package comprises a landline connection and fax support. Furthermore, technology like VoIP cuts costs by eliminating the demand for landlines.

Skype is another application which uses VoIP but unlike Yahoo! Messenger, it isn’t as convenient for immediate messaging. Skype isn’t difficult to install and use.  Laptops and tablets will also serve numerous functions in the business on account of the simple portability and wide access to Wi-Fi.

The War Against VoIP and Computers

Dial-in service involves the capability to mute and un-mute. So, as well as the price of buying the device, you have to consider if a monthly price is associated with using their worldwide positioning system support. Some programs are specially made for Web conferencing, presentations, meeting scheduling and so forth.

Businesses need an entire digitization of their work procedure to provide tailored service to every customer at a lightning speed. An ERP or CRM is intended to perform at a particular level with no consideration for changing external elements. Skype’s security is also a huge benefit.

Definitions of VoIP and Computers

In situations like this, you will need to recoup the data from the most recent backup. Change passwords, rental periods and functionality to make certain you never get rid of charge of your software. If you prefer to maintain complete control over your mail assistance, look at using hMailServer, which is an absolutely free email server program package that operates on Microsoft Windows servers.

VoIP and Computers – the Conspiracy

If you intend to use a computer-based VoIP system as your main phone, you should purchase a headset you’re comfortable wearing for long lengths of time. Texting to phones is another characteristic of the application. Many cellular phones are nowadays including global positioning system as a portion of their expert services.

Such technology has existed for quite a couple of years, with the debut of webcams in the 1990s. Consumer Routers If you are searching for a router for your house or small organization, you likely can locate what you need at the local electronics store. A satellite phone is a significant communication device for many professionals and companies.

The coming of the mobility, people being attached to their information sources 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, is still a comparatively recent occurrence. The demand for an external or additional solution isn’t needed. There are several different sorts of communication devices in the current day marketplace.

Contemporary business demands modern technology. Depending on the kind of business, the software employed by companies will be different. The company was established in 2002 by Ramu Yalamanchi who’s also the existing CEO as of December 2008.

It is essential for businesses to use reliable tracking software to guarantee smooth delivery of goods. Unsatisfied customers are frequently more vocal and can adversely influence the revenue. Such a service provider would be in a position to supply you with a range of options and even help you choose which solution best suits the demands of your small business, assisting you to attain the desired effects.

Smartphones have dramatically altered the way that people communicate in operation today. Figure out how cloud computing can be helpful for your small company.

The Benefits of VoIP and Computers

Communication may be used between each branch by employing video conferencing or tele-conferencing. communication tool. The web is widely utilized as a platform for communication. Total CAD Converter provides you the whole thing in one place for an unbeatable price.

There are a big number of software options in the marketplace. In a nutshell, everything one would want to make an android app for any use. It can be difficult for an IT professional to get the most suitable tools to simplify tasks like Network Inventory.

Sites you’ll be able to get Visio mind maps There are many sites you are able to get example maps from. If you own a computer with high-speed online access, you can make totally free calls to locations all around the world. With it, you may add news from your favorite sources and have all of them in 1 place.

Even though it’s priced low, it includes every one of the options one would start looking for in an online phone system. Information service Many businesses are reaching their customers via the web.

Internet phone systems can supply you with home telephone service at no cost. You may still apply your broadband internet service while you’re using the telephone. In case the office Internet connection will go out, it is going to happen when you’re gone.

Skype is a sort of peer-to-peer Voice-Over-IP client, depending on the Kazaa file sharing program. One of the absolute most beneficial file formats is PDF. Wait around for a second, you will receive your editable files.