Are you sure that you are getting all the benefits from your existing telecommunications service provider?

With today’s ever increasing choice of telecommunication services, VoIP, Voice, Data Services, it can be hard to ensure you are getting the best possible solution for your business.

Why not let us examine your existing telecom profiles and propose an alternative solution that could potentially save you revenue, and improve your productivity.

Getting the most value from telecom systems can be a frustrating and time-consuming task for our customers. Uncontrollable costs, outdated equipment, inadequate telecom reporting, and employee phone abuse all impact the success of our customers’ businesses. This has become increasingly difficult in the face of complex technologies and choices, vendor support problems and a lack of resources and tools. Understanding and controlling communications costs have become a key concern for business executives and IT/telecom managers.

Furthermore, the recommendations we make are unbiased, and based entirely on your company’s best interests. So you see… you really do have nothing to lose.

When we mention communications, reference is not only to telecommunications devices like telephone, mobile phones, landlines e.t.c. The entire ICT services provisions constitute your communications infrastructure.

Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers run recurring invoices every month and they all may contain errors that, when not checked, may affect your ROI. Regular audits of these invoices may help to:

Eliminate Ghost Charges

We work behind the scenes to reduce your communications bills and find ways to save you money without disrupting your workflow. Communications costs should be reviewed like any other line item on your P&L, and we want to help you do that. Partner with Simplatec for a risk-free telecom audit and let us find your hidden savings.

Bill auditing is most likely a low priority for your IT department. Do they really have an in-depth understanding of complex tax and tariff codes, fees, and surcharges, usage analysis, or how to check contract compliance? We do. And it’s our job to make sure you only pay for services you need.

Guard Your Profits – Control your Communications Costs

Service Providers know that you do not have the time or resources to dedicate to auditing your telephone, internet, and wireless bills. They do not expect you to identify invoicing mistakes and overcharges that cost you money. We are here to help you identify mistakes and inefficiencies and put more money back on your bottom line.

At Your Service

Your talented IT staff are busy keeping your systems up and running. Let our communication auditing team analyze your bills, contracts, customer service records, and all other relevant information for all instances where your providers are not taking care of you.

We work behind the scenes to reduce your telecom bills. We meet with you at the beginning and at the end of the telecom bill audit process. But most of our cost recovery work is done in coordination with your providers. There’s no added stress or responsibility for you.

We also access your telephone system features to make sure you get value for money. We then give you recommendations on any improvements you need to make to take full advantage of your telephone system.

Our goal is to not only lower costs but also to work with our customers’ management teams to increase productivity in the form of:

  • Vendor Sourcing and Management
  • Contract Negotiations and Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Usage Management
  • Report and Information Management
  • Operations and Help Desk Support

Value Added Services

Value Added Services (VAS) are non-core services or all services beyond standard services in any service industry. These are services available at little or no cost but add value to your business. As we access your systems we are then able to arrange with your service provider to activate the feature that we have agreed with you on their service.

In the communications industry we have:

  • Music on Hold (MoH)
  • Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) or Auto Attendant
  • Voicemail
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
  • Call Center Software
  • Missed call alerts and voicemail box
  • Phone backup and security services
  • Outbound dialer service
  • Ringback tone (RBT and RRBT)
  • Mobile advertising
  • Music tracks – play, download, and ringtones
  • SMS chatting and dating premium services
  • Sports and infotainment services
  • WAP content downloads

If you need third party feature we have the capability to source them for you. We also supply, install and maintain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services like;

  • IPPBX,
  • VoIP gateways
  • Least Cost Routing: premicells, e.t.c

And also IT hardware like;

  • switches
  • hubs
  • cabinet, e.t.c

Including structured cabling and re-cabling.